An Odd Job

Having superpowers was generally pretty great, but sometimes things could get weird.

I had become part of an elite infiltration team among superheroes. How? Well, I had incredibly powerful skills in both illusion and self-transformation. Once I started trying to blend in, it was pretty much impossible to tell me apart unless I indicated it by behavior. And I’d become quite an accomplished actor.

One day we got a job to tail some alien in human form and I was assigned to get in. Upon doing some research on him, however, I noticed that he pretty much refused to keep male company around. Trust issues? Dominance issues? Who knew, but he pretty much only kept those of the female persuasion around. I sighed inwardly at this, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’d done a female transformation. I picked the simple, attractive blonde form I’d used in the past and infiltrated.

I was reasonably successful in passing information about him to my team for the next week or so. But then I realized why he only kept women around. Whatever species he came from, their sex drive was incredible. And about nine days after I started working undercover in his organization I was called to perform my duty on that front.

Well, this would be a first.


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