Making Sure The Program Works pt. 2

A month and a half has gone by ever sine Stephen changed his best buddy into a hot, bimbo, slut named Julie, who doesn’t remember ever being Julian, the co-founder of the program that eventually changed him. Steph as been very liberal in his actions, changing “Julie” almost at will. He has made her black, brunette, classy, a teen, and even once a dominatrix. In other words, Steph has been in a complete paradise ever since the program worked on his buddy. It worked so well on him, that he has never tried using it on other people in fear it will mess up Julie. She has been caring for him, cooking for him, being his little fuck-puppet, however she didn’t care. The program has made Julie love doing this of course, and Steph loves every minute of being served.

Although Steph made it so that Julie wouldn’t be able to remember ever being Julian, he still feared her taking the tablet with the program on it from him. Steph always keeps the tablet on his person, and make sure no one, especially Julie cannot reach it.

Steph has ‘convinced’ Julie to go out to the pub tonight, and Steph used the program to make Julie get ready faster, and to slightly change her mind a bit to love pubs more so they can have a good time. Julie gets ready promptly, as programmed to do, and the two of them get off without a hitch. On the way out Steph makes sure he takes the tablet with him, just in case Julie has an accident or Stephen gets horny/bored.

They arrive at the pub and immediately Julie starts receiving free drinks. Steph doesn’t necessarily care too much, it makes it so he doesn’t have to pay for her drinks himself..But eventually one of the men sending drinks to Julie comes up and tries to talk to her, Steph is quick to take out the tablet, ready for anything.

“Hey beautiful, do you come around here often? If you do, I apologize for missing you, you are so wonderful.” said the slightly buzzed man.

“I’m sorry but she’s with me.” said Stephen sternly with the tablet in his right hand, read uto pounce.

“Then why are you letting her accept my drinks? Are you that cheap?” laughed the man, while also taking a step towards Steph.

“Well I figured it wouldn’t matter that much…” Steph starts to open the program, noticalby looking at the tablet.

“Stand up and talk to me like a man!” commanded the man, while also knocking the tablet to the ground of the pub. Promptly, it is stepped on by a drunk man dancing with a complete (also drunk) slut. Suddenly the tablet lets out a single flash and everyone freezes in place. The room knows something hit them all, but the aren’t sure what, not even Steph knows what’s happening. The program was running when the tablet was smashed, so the power it uses was for the first time, put on display for the whole world to see. Everyone has changed differently, and all changes seem to be random.

The man hitting on Julie all of a sudden was turned into a 14 year old, but he was now goth. The man who stepped on the tablet simply was given an attraction to milfs. The drunked woman who was dancing too felt her breasts deflate 2 cup sizes. The bartender was given a pair of C cup breasts, but the rest of his male body remained in place. The bouncer became a 19 year old girl who was also jacked for her petite size. Julie now retained a penis, but the odd part was that she also kept her vagina, both fully functional. Which made Stephen’s change even more amazing, or should we say, pleasurable. Steph obtained full D cup breasts, his stomach was flat and toned, his brunette hair grew out long and silky down past his shoulders. Steph’s whole body became not just feminine, but that of an inhuman goddess. He now had all the information he needed to act female, do makeup, talk, and walk in heels, after all, he was now fully female. But why is Julie’s change so great for the new fully-fledged female? The new Steph would soon he realize shes bi…


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