Things Have Changed

Carla, I know I am supposed to call you Carl now, but could stop for a minute so I can talk to you about this? I get it that I am no longer Bradley I am your wife Brandy and I get it that when I was a man I was always doing the deciding about sex. And yes I remember that once or twice or maybe even more than that I didn’t say anything when I came home from work. I just took your clothes off and put you on your back.

But Carl could you slow down for a second with that big cock that used to be mine? (OMIGOD OMIGOD).
Could you (OH WOW) stop trying to bury that thing up to the hilt inside me? Could you (YES YES YES) stop saying “I know you love it babe”.

Just slow down and let me catch my breath (DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP).

And please stop insisting (OH YES PLEASE PLEASE FUCK ME PLEASE) that I tell you what I have to have.

Yes, dear I am looking forward to having my “lollipop treat” later.


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