The Coach

One day I came home from work and caught my 20 year old stepson watch porn with his cock out since it was still huge I thought he must have just took it out to jerk off to the porn. Since his slut of a mother left me out of the goodness of my heart I let him live here as long as he kept a job. He worked at a funny little Magic store for a guy in a bath robe he paid most of the bills and bought the groceries so that old jerk must pay well. I was mad but I thought better than kicking him out cause all my money went to my bookie ” hey it is a sickness!”. I looked at him and scream” I told you not to watch porn you pervert!”. He answered ” I will do what I please I pay for it” and I counter ” I am the boss you will do as I say!” At this he stood up but by 6 inches and 50 pounds I just pushed him back on his ass. I meanly made fun of him ” See your my bitch and you will do what I say or you will me on your ass. He looked at me strangely and chanted a few words and said ” No not actually you are my petite new wife just turned 18 today and we just left the court house and you wanted to ride my cock our first time to bust your cherry”. The world turned inside out and upside down when I could see again I felt a pinch and a wonderful feeling in my stomach as strong hands forced me up and down and did not let me stop. “I AM SO FUCKED!~!!” ” and regularly my stepson now husband said.


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