Special Training

I was tapped right out of college to join the CIA mainly because I had a gift of making people believe me. The recruiter told me this, they said after of years of research they determined that this was truly a gift and with their special training that this gift will truly unlocked and be used to it is best potential. The way they talked about it sounded like it was magic so I was excited that I was so special. I was ready to be James Bond so I eagerly drank the slightly glowing liquid my 2 very large male instructors gave me. They explained that I had a latent energy in me and that the “elixir” would unlock its power. Then they put a contract in front of me which said that I would obey any CIA agent that had authority over me. I grabbed a pen and said “of course I will follow orders.” they stopped me and pricked my finger and gave me a special pen and said ” in blood”. I sign thinking it was meant to be spooky to make me see the importance. Then I felt hand cuffs click on my wrists and the Agent said ” your body is very obedient now but it will take training to make your mind that way”. One held me in the chair while the other stripped naked then they traded places while the on holding me said ” it is a new world out there the cold war methods are all but gone it is all about money and sex now and you need to be the best to make sure we have access to deepest secrets we need to keep US safe”. I screamed “I am not GAY!!!!” and they just laughed and said “stand”. Then they asked remember the petite blonde you sat next to on the plane?” I nodded. Taking me roughly pushing me against the arm of the chair he said “AS YOUR SUPPERVISOR I COMMAND YOU TO BE HER”. I saw the naked men grow huge but I then I realize as the arm of the chair lifted my feet off the floor that I was shrinking. Then my hair flowed in my eyes and the other man grab it and pulled my head back. With the other man’s cock and balls filling me vision I felt my pants pulled off. Then the voice behind me said ” YOU ARE VERY EXCITED AND DRIPPING WET” I felt a warm burning emptiness in my core then I felt relief in the form of his pumping cock fucking me. I still looking at the other trainer cock tried as I could, I could not stop my mouth opening to moan from the pleasure of being fucked was giving me. Then I heard ” YOU LOVE SUCKING COCK AND YOU ARE THE BEST” and I am now I am trained on the job.


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