The cheater 3


John said to everyone, even my family,that my wife letf me because I was dating a busty escort, and now I am living with Wendy the escort, but I am Wendy and John is my wife, some days I even forgot I was a man once.

Week by week, month by month, we lived in routine, every night I had to suck his cock for pretty long time, followed by an hour of anal sex, to end with him fucking my pussy as hard and wild as the first day, after all this time giving him blowjobs and being fucking hard, every single day, I started to enjoy it, more than I never though, I was pretty scared at first because isn’t normal to like those things when you are a man, but I am not a man anymore, so I think its okay if I enjoy being fucked by John and now I love give him awesome blowjobs, he told me I am becoming pretty skilled and I am proud of it….

The rest of the day while John is working, I am at home wearing slutty outfits or just being naked, I got used to this whore style clothes, and now I am the one who wants to wear them, to look sexy for him I am all the day doing daily shores, like cleaning the house or making dinner for him, ironing his suits, I have become the perfect Housewife

One night after all our blowjob anal and fuck ritual, when I was laying exhausted on our bed he told me it was our anniversary, a complete year have been pass since I became her personal escort, then he told me we should celebrate it and that made me so happy, so we went to a tropical island for a month

I discovered I love sun baths, John allowed me to wear bikini tops, but I don’t want to wear them and get tan lines, and I am pretty proud of my big juggs to show them to every one. I think i love my new life.


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