The body i looked for

When i discovered i had body switching powers i immidiately started to look for a new body and escape the life i hated so much. I tried swapping with diffirent guys form my school. Each of them was fun but only at the begining. After some time i was realizing it’s not what i’m looking for and hopped into another body. It wasn’t until recently i started to consider something diffirent. What if i try a girls body? The prospect of being a girl wasn’t appealing, yet i was curious what life is like from a girls perspective.
I decided to give it a try. I had nothing to lose, if i won’t like it i will find another body. I started looking for a candidate and soon i found one. My choice was Hailey. She was pretty, popular and her parents were rich. After making my decision i focused and swapped our bodies.

I must admit it was weird at first. After being a boy my whole life it felt unreal to become a girl, but after adjusting to my new body parts i started to like this. I spend two weeks as Hailey and i’m certain i will stay this way. I finally figured out what i wanted and i’m finally happy with myself. I love being a girl, i love to dress up pretty and i love the way boys look at me. I don’t know why but i feel comfortable in Hailey’s body, like it was meant to be mine.


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