Becoming Popular

“You see these? Mine! Forever!”
Liam taunted Gretchen, the original owner of the body he now wore.
“But…but…but…it was only for a test. I just needed to get an A on the test”, Gretchen sobbed in the small frame of Liam´s former nerdy body.
“Duh, you are more stupid than I originally thought. Why would I give up the opportunity of having a better life when it´s literally thrown in my face? I`m more popular now that before. My new parents have enough money to spoil me. I`m not picked on, and I can finally do sports and roleplaying games without getting teased. All thanks to becoming a hot girl that everyone wants to be with”.


“Get out `Liam´, or else the rest of the gaming club will throw you out. And you know what it does for your reputation when people see that even the gaming geeks throw you out”

“Y-yes”, Gretchen said and scattered away, fearful of being a total social pariah.

Liam returned to the rest of the group that was playing the boardgame Settlers.
“How did it go?”, Kyle asked.
“She won´t be a problem anymore”, Liam answered.
“By the way, I built another town. You know what that means”, a third person, James, said with a hopeful smile.
Liam/Gretchen sauntered over to James and sat down in his knee; “Yes I do”, she breathed and gave him a wet kiss.

“Thanks for helping me out getting her body”, Gretchen thanked the others around the table.
“Sure thing, as long as you remember our deal of getting access to her body for a year”, Clyde reminded Gretchen.
“No problem. I kinda like it anyway”
She surveyed the table in front of her. “Who´s winning by the way? I`m curious on whom I`m gonna bring home to my bed tonight”

The regular gaming nights had a whole new level of thrill to them nowdays. Winning was the same as having an excellent evening.
It was a true win/win situation for all of them


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