The big gala (@cornerodaweb)

The day was amazing and it was just the begining. Being able to be in Victoria’s Justice body was like a dream come true. I know who was behind it and i know how to repay this person. After i got to Victoria’s house, or i should rather say my house, i sat comfortably on the sofa in the living room. With a coffee mug in my right hand and a laptop on my lap i opened OTGC and started to write.

In the meantime Lou was making himself a snack. When his world suddenly shifted, Lou almost fell over. He looked around, wondering how he suddenly found himself outside. His clothes felt much tighter and very odd. When he looked down he saw some nice cleavage and a beautiful red dress. When he caught a glimpse of his reflection in the store window he had to rub his eyes, to make sure he sees clearly. The woman, it was Nikki Bella. Suddenly he heard a phone in his purse. He took it out and looked at it. He got a text message form an unknown number.
“Hey. I hope you like my gift. I sure as hell enjoy yours. Love. Vicky”
Lou realized who was behind this. He smiled to himself and put the phone back into his purse. He, now she pushed out her chest to make them look even bigger. She touched her hair, amazed by their softness. She took one last look at her reflection. The dress really emphasized her figure nicely.
Nikki noticed the driver waiting for her. She got all of the memories and skills required to live her life without any problems. She got into the car, excited about the upcoming WWE all star gala. Be ready guys. The night is still young and Nikki is thirsty for some party.


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