The Best Weapon There Is

“Target is over in the corner chatting up the waitress.” Agent Wilson said to his partner, “Do you want to move now?” He said turning back around to face Agent Greene.
Greene stood silent staring down at his body.
“Hello?” Wilson said, “Do you want to move now? What’s wrong with you?” He asked.
“I don’t know man,” Greene said slowly, “Doesn’t this bother you at all?” He said gesturing to their new bodies. “I mean, I know we signed up for it but I never thought they would have the tech to actually pull it off.”
Wilson sighed and rubbed his forehead, “It’s like the doctors said, this is only temporary.”
“But I feel so weak and help less.” Greene said with an anxious tone, “We have female bodies and no weapons. What if we need to defend ourselves.”
Wilson put his hand on Greene’s slender, bare shoulders, “Look at us buddy, The Company gave us the best weapons we could ever ask for,” He reached up to his chest and pressed his breasts together, “It’s called cleavage. And you and I both know that no man can resist it.”
Greene smiled a bit.
“Now lets man up, straighten our dresses and take down our target.” Wilson said with determination.


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