Enough is enough

“Come on guys, you don’t need to make comments like that in front of me.” Evan said, having heard the last sexist comment he could take.
“Okay, okay we’re sorry.” Greg said, though he couldn’t seem to hide his grin behind his apology. As much as Evan hated to admit it, ever since he contracted estrogen poisoning, it was so much easier to hang out with his female friends. They never made him stop to look a dirty magazines or make comments about other women that walk by. And even though they will never admit it, Evan knows his guy friends check him out.
“I mean, any woman can look like one of these sluts.” Evan said, “Hell I would look like that if I took off half of my clothes and put on a bra to push my boobs up.” He rolled his eyes, “I can’t do this any more guys. I am a woman now, we just can’t do the things we used to.”


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