The best athlete in school

John looked at the genie and smiled.

“I wish I was the best athlete at school!” he said, proud of his wise wish.

John was blinded by a bright flash. When his vision returned he found himself in someone else’s bedroom. He was a little surprised at first. He had expected the genie to buff up his old lanky male body. Instead the genie must have swapped him into one of the other athletes at his school.

He shrugged his shoulders. Genies were notorious tricksters, and it didn’t seem too bad of a twist. There were several jocks at school he wouldn’t mind trading places with. He jumped off the bed and walked towards the bathroom, eager to see who he had become.

As he neared the bathroom he was a little surprised at how short he seemed. He expected the top athlete to be taller. Or at least a little more muscular. He could feel a firm bicep muscle under his shirt sleeve but it seemed a tad small. But the biggest surprise was the very feminine face he saw in the mirror, framed by long blonde hair tied in a ponytail.

“What …. the ….hell ,” he said in a high, feminine voice as he examined his reflection closely in the mirror.

Then he recognized the face. It belonged to Vanessa, the top female athlete at the school. Star of the tennis team, soccer team, with several state records in track and cross country. She even had been allowed to wrestle on the boys team and had won several titles in her weight class. She had more athletic college scholarship offers than all of the male athletes combined.

“Well played, genie, ” said John gruffly. “Guess I just wasted a wish. But I still have two left.”

John was about to leave when he suddenly paused. He had always thought that Vanessa was kind of cute. Might as well make the best of his wish and see what she looked like naked. John slowly stripped off his clothes and examined his nude body in the mirror. He flexed, feeling the power in her strong limbs. He looked down and admired the tight six pack on her flat stomach and the well defined and toned thigh muscles. John had always been sort of a slacker – lazy, overweight, and generally out of shape. It felt good to be this healthy, fit and full of energy.

Damn, Vanessa really put a lot of work into this body, thought John. And it has definitely paid off. She is hot! Maybe I should use my next wish to make her my girlfriend.

Then his tan body turned pale as a terrifying thought suddenly occurred to him. If he was in Vanessa’s body, then was she in his? With the genie!

He quickly threw on some clothes and jogged to his house. He made it there surprisingly fast and with little effort. The burn in his thighs and calves felt good, and he didn’t feel tired or winded. But when Vanessa opened the door to his house in his old male body he almost passed out.

Standing in front of him was the very specimen of male perfection, an athlete and an Adonis rolled into one. He could hardly recognize his old male body.

“Oh yeah, I found the genie, ” Vanessa said in a deep baritone, smiling smugly. “Looks like I am not just a better athlete, but smarter than you, too.”

“But … but … but…” mumbled John.

“Why didn’t I switch back? Don’t you think I tried, you little body stealing asshole!? I mean do you have any idea how hard I worked to perfect that body. The long hours. The blood sweat and tears! But that genie said that wishes once wished can’t be reversed. So I decided that if I was going to be stuck in this horrid body, I might as well make the best of it and use your wishes to make some improvements. I mean, I worked hard to get my old body into peak physical condition. It is only fair that the new one look just as good.”

John rushed past her into his old room, desperate to find the genie and make his last wish.

But he could not find the lamp anywhere.

Vanessa stood in the doorway and crossed her large bulging biceps, smiling down at her smaller former body.

“It’s gone. Disappeared after I used the last wish, ” said Vanessa.

John sat down on the bed, defeated. “What… what did you wish for?”

Vanessa walked towards him, the massive bulge in the front of her pants growing impossibly larger.

“Care to find out?”


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