Bad Decisions

(first caption ever :D)

My body suit finally came today! I’ve been waiting to try this baby on for months. I’d try it on right now but I promised my friend Kyle that I’d go bar hopping with him and some friends for his birthday. But who says I can’t do both? Maybe I can prank him with it! I’ll lead him on for a while, get some free drinks, and then I’ll tell him who I am. I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he figures it out!

Putting the suit on is simple enough. You go in feet first and the rest is self explanatory. I started feeling the changes as soon as I zipped it up. I shrunk down to 5’4″, my waist felt tighter and my ass definitely got bigger. Long brown hair cascaded down my shoulders and back. It’s as if this body was my own! My penis was even tucked away by the suit to make room for a vagina. It’s amazing how far technology has come! I think it’ll be easier to prank Kyle if I make some mental changes to myself. Nothing big, just a few things that will make me act more naturally in a female body. The deluxe model (the one I got) actually comes with a remote which allows you to alter your personality while you are in the suit. It’s fairly simple, there’s a list of traits and you select a value from 1-10. I really want to get Kyle back for when he pranked me on my birthday so I turned up my flirtiness and femininity to a 9 and I lowered my intelligence and critical thinking a bit since he likes airheads. I’ll bring the remote with me just in case anything happens! I want to go all out for this so I put on some lingerie and a cute black dress that came with the suit. Time to head out!

Once I arrived at the bar, finding Kyle was a piece of cake. I smiled at him from a distance and he approached me. “Hi, I’m Kyle. What’s your name?” he said. Darn, I didn’t think of a name! “I’m Rachel!” I said after what felt like forever. I think messing with my personality is actually making it harder to talk to him, I can feel myself getting nervous for some reason! He bought me a drink and we talked for a bit. I noticed I’m getting drunk a lot faster than I usually do. One drink turned into two, two turned into three, and by the fourth one I was DRUNK! We ended up dancing together until the bars closed. “Want to head to my place? It’s right down the street.” he said. I was too lazy to walk home and I wanted to keep hanging out with him so naturally I went with him. We sat on the couch drinking some more and right when I was going to tell him everything, he KISSED ME! My first instinct was to pull away but I didn’t. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the bodysuit, or both but for some reason it felt great.. We started making out and soon I found myself on his bed. “Screw my plan, I’m gonna show him a good time for his birthday!” I thought to myself. I got up to take off my dress and drunken me decided to do a little dance for him. “You’re cute.” he said as we got closer. “I know.” We ended up having sex all night (which, by the way, is waaaaay better as a woman), then we cuddled for a bit before I fell asleep. That’s when he saw the remote..

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