The Anal Opening

Gary was a class clown so to speak, and be that as it may, he constantly teased their health teacher Mr. Dicks. Of course his last name was the butt of many jokes as well. The fact is however, Gary would soon be at the butt end of a huge joke himself! Mr. Dicks was a practicing magician too, and knew real magic.

He waited for Gary’s next move. One Friday near the end of class, and the end of the day, Mr. Dicks asked if there was anything the class wanted to know before the tests on Monday.

Of course Gary chimes in, “Yes I’d love to learn about anal openings, and how they could be used Mr. Dicks, maybe even by your Mr. Dicks! Ha!”

Mr. Dicks told Gary to stay after class and he would show him. Gary agreed realizing he was probably in detention, but it was Friday, how bad could it be? So he gets home a bit late, no big deal, he has the whole weekend right? Maybe so, but he not how he might think as we will see!

After class Mr. Dick’s eyes turned red, he waved his right hand, and suddenly Gary felt strange, he was way shorter, had long hair, his skin and body felt soft, ass felt bigger, heavier, there was huge weights on his chest, and a weird empty feeling between his thighs.

“Now I’ll show you one way an anal opening can be used,” said Mr. Dicks.

Without his control, he moved to the couch nearby in Mr. Dicks classroom, where Mr. Dicks was laying naked! Gary wanted to resist and scream, but couldn’t! He got on top of his health teacher, and Mr. Dicks slid in his dick! Back and forth he went into the new female Gary’s anal opening! He could see his huge boobs, and unused pussy, and part of Mr. Dicks throbbing penis go into and out of his anal opening. Waves of pain and pleasure commenced as Gary was getting his first taste of sex as a woman!

What was weirder? Mr. Dicks, when he was about to cum, switched holes, and came inside Gary’s new vagina! Gary thought this was so strange, waves of unknown female pleasure, and now feeling hot cum splash against his insides! He was feeling the other side of things, he was on the receiving end now!

Mr. Dicks flipped Gary over, and told him how it would be! He told Gary he was now pregnant with their child, and also the sperm made the spell permanent. He would regain control, but no one would believe him if he said he was Gary looking like that! His only choice would be to be Mr. Dicks’ wife and mother to his child, and speak of none of the changes. Also if he didn’t, he would be on the street naked with no ID, and with a body like that it would not be great for him out there!

He gave Gary his control back, and Gary pounded on Mr. Dicks chest, but finally calmed down. He knew he had to do this or it would be worse, and the spell was permanent. He realized his big mouth got him in trouble, and now changed his life for good! Meanwhile Mr. Dicks got a wife and mother out of the deal, from a bad student came a beautiful wife! Tears rolled down Gary’s new cheeks and onto his huge boobs, as Mr. Dicks called him Gina for the first time.


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