Swap Institute: Sweat

Rachel had finally decided to kick her smoking habit. After years of smoking, of feeling sick when she worked out, of her friends and family worrying about her health, she finally decided to do something about it.

Fortunately, the Swap Institute made getting rid of bad habits into something of an industry. Rather than suffer through quitting cold turkey or dealing with patches, gum, and e-cigs, customers merely had to search through SI’s online database of users who wished to change something about themselves.

Rachel searched and found a man named Walter who lived in Nevada. He wished to get rid of his hyperhidrosis. She didn’t bother to look up what that meant, assuming it was some kind of ADHD, so she contacted Walter about swapping her addiction for his hyperhidrosis, and he agreed.

Everything went well. Rachel left the SI and didn’t feel any cravings. But when she returned to her warm apartment, she noticed that she was sweating more than usual. Her shirt was damp under her arms and breasts. She couldn’t believe how much she was sweating. She had never seen so much sweat in her life. She shuddered to think what she would look like after a workout.


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