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The woods

I was lost in the woods. I had given up looking for a way out. I just sat down close to a tree, “this is it, I am sure of it, this is the time I cease to exist. No one will find me” I whispered, I was about to cry, when I noticed a few pink roses growing around my legs. “I am already dead? or am I imagining things?” I thought. Then grass grew around my chest and privates. My clothes just desintegrated. Read more

The Age of Me

It was decades ago. Back then my name ws John. I was driving home after a long work day. It was raining, I could barely see, I got distracted and drove my car out the road. I hit my head and lost consciousness. My car fell inside a lake. I was drowning. Actually, I am pretty sure that for 2 seconds I was dead. Lighting hit my car. It reanimated me. I swam out of my car. As I reached the door asking for some one to help me. I realized somethings had changed. My voice was high pitched, my body looked different, more slender, plus, my skin was even lighter. Read more


Being a bodyhopper is great. I get to live as different people, and I have no responsabilities. I am not the only one with these abilities, It is estimated that 1 out of ten thousand people can bodyhop. I always hop into different men, I use their money to travel, and to met and have sex with hot women. I have had sex with so many women, I have lost count. Read more

Starting over

I’ve been married for years, and we have been very happy together; we just started to try to get pregnant, but yesterday, one day before our anniversary, I got fired. I told my wife that we should wait until I get a job before trying again. She said she’s ok with that. Read more

The spirit

When the spirit of that necklace enter my body, i felt fear. but it was too late to turn back now, i give my approval for all of this. I gave my flesh to her, to let her reshape it and make it that of a goddess. I still have the control of my body. But not for long. The spirit of the necklace explain it very clearly, when the transformation will be complete, i will loose control, be just a part of her. I undress myself to see my body changing shape, become smooth, hairless. I always dreamt to have a woman like that in my bed, and now i will be part of one. Two voluptuous breasts emerged form my chest and began to caress them. Instinctivly, my over hand go to my dick but i just follow it shrieking until my finger come inside my newly formed pussy. It’s almost done, a quick look at the mirror confirmed i am no longer recognizable as the man i was before. I enjoy the last minutes in control to finger myself. Not thinking so much how can i let all of this happen. I given up my life to be part of a goddess. When she contact me threw the necklace, i was really depressed and felt in a deadend. She proposed me to give her my body and be part of her, to le me feel the power and pleasure. I feel her emerged now, it won’t be long before she assumed control of this gorgeous body. Suddenly i hear my door opening, my roomate enter without warning and is stunned when he see me. My last act in full possession of my body is to have a surprised expression on my face.
Then it’s over. My expression change for a very suggestive smile for my roomate. Reduced to a spectator, i see her come to him, kiss him, and it was like i’m doing it too. As she began to undress him, i wondered if i can really enjoy sex with a man. But when his dick enter our pussy, i cannot think about anything but pleasure. And with this forst night of extasy, she leave my house and began her journey. A trip only dedicate to sex and pleasure. In her head, i discovered all she promess me to experience, and more.
And one year later, as it was planned, she choose a man and became pregnant. I enjoy with her the feeling of pregnancy until she have to gave birth. When it come, i was sucked out and in control again, but of the baby. And it was a baby girl. A few hour after my rebirth, she disappeard, consuming my old body for good. She leaved me in a new life and returned to her spirit form, waiting again another century to return.
Lucky for me, she left me in good care with a loving father with a good situation, and i grew up again as happy girl. And at twelve years old, all signs are here to tell i will be as gorgeous as my mom when i’ll grow up.