The Manipulators, Part 6

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“What’s your name, doll?”

“Tina, you dummy, why do you keep asking that?” She winked, and laid down on the bed, displaying her pussy proudly.

Adam smiled. This was intoxicating for him. He knew going into this that he had power over Ben and could do as he pleased, even though he hadn’t meant for it to get this far. But he was so turned on by Tina’s sexy body he couldn’t help himself, let alone let her escape. He only needed to distract her for 30 minutes, and that was plenty of time to have some fun. Besides, he could make Ben forget it ever happened.

“Suck my cock.” Adam insisted. Tina looked at him, then down at his erect member. She looked confused. “What’s wrong?”

“I’ve… I’ve never sucked cock before. Why is that? Come to think of it, why does this whole thing seem weird all of a sudden? Did you do something to my head, honey? Wait, why am I calling you…”

Adam cut her off with a wave of his hand. Ben is tough, he seems to keep breaking through the mental adjustments in making, Adam thought. I must try harder!

“Mmmm, what was I saying? Of course I’ll suck your cock.” She sat up on the bed and masterfully took his cock in her mouth. That was more like it, Adam thought to himself.

After several minutes of oral pleasure, Adam instructed the nubile babe to lay on her back. She was practically begging for it.

“Fuck me, Adam! Oh god I’m so fucking horny right now.” She moaned as he entered her, and they made love for what felt like eternity.

“Why… does… This… Oh god… Feel so wrong!? What’s wrong with me… Fuck… Baby?”

Adam was tired of this. Ben shouldn’t be able to break this conditioning. He instructed her to get up and face him, while she was still at her horniest. He put his hands on her head, and said:

“You have nothing to worry about. Your name is Tina Allgrove and you always have been. You are 21 years old and you are dating me. You are a sexy, beautiful, confident woman and have never and never will doubt that about yourself. You do not remember Ben or his life. You love men like myself and all things womanly. You will continue to enjoy yourself at this party as a woman and forever after as a woman.”

She looked at him and smiled a naughty smile. “Why have we stopped, lover, should we continue?” She took his cock in her hand and kept rubbing it eagerly. “You can fuck me all night, if you’d like.”

Adam smiled back, “Gladly. But remember we have to be ready for the big reveal.” He may have gone too far for now, but he was confident he could change her back.

She laid back, still wet with anticipation, eager to accept him once more.


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