the spanish curse

This is my fifth semester in college. As part of an exchange program, I was sent to spain for a semester. I was having the time of my life. I met beatiful girls, I learned a little spanish, and had lots of sex.

One night, I met a beautiful girl, I wanted to have her. I asked her out, we had dinner, one thing let to another, and we ended up at her flat. She told me It was her first time, I felt bad, I didn’t want to tell her I lost count a couple of months ago, so I told her I was virgin too. She said that was great. We started having sex, and after a moment she paused, and said “You’re not a virgin! you lied to me! you don’t know what you have done! I have a curse!!!”. She threw me out of her room, all I had time to put on was my leather jacket. As I was walking down the stairs, I started to get dizzy, I felt my hair growing longer, I lost my balance and fell down the stairs.

When I woke up, I was at her bed. I tried to move, but my body had a mind of his own. My body looked in the mirror and I was shocked. I was in that girl’s body. I tried remembering what had happened, I couldn’t. I tried remembering something from my childhood, all I could remember were her memories. I started to panic, I couldn’t remember my name. My name is S…. my name is Samantha! yes, that’s my name. Poor guy, well, he’s gone now, the curse got him, the curse that all women from my family have had for generations, we should only have sex with virgins, otherwise they dissappear into thin air, never to be seen. Oh well, I have to be more careful next time, I looked at the mirror again and said “I love my body”.


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