Great Shift – Skype

Josh and his girlfriend Heather were having a nice Skype session until Josh noticed that Heather’s attitude changed. They were talking about the upcoming school dance when Heather blanked, then began to look around confused, acting as if she wasn’t skyping anymore. She then looked down at her body and began cupping her breasts. Josh began to think that she was about to give him a show, something they would do from time to time. She starting taking all her clothes off and began fondling her chest, before moving down and started playing with her pussy. By this time Josh already had his hand down his pants as the two masturbated for a couple minutes. As “Heather” reached her orgasm, she fell back onto her chair. Breathing heavily, she finally noticed the computer and realized she had been skyping the whole time. She quickly turned off the computer as Josh enjoyed the show his girlfriend gave. But the next day, Josh learned about the Great Shift, finding out he was one of the ones that were unshifted. He soon puzzled together why his girlfriend acted so weird over Skype…that wasn’t Heather.


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