Swap Class – Booty

Zack (17) was excited to finally return home after Swap Class placed him in the body of Ashley Jensen (17). He’s been dying to peel off the clothes she was wearing after he landed in her body. As he rushed to the bathroom, he quickly took off the shirt and sweatpants she was wearing. His hands went straight for his chest as he felt his new breasts through the bra. But when he turned around to check out his new ass, he was shocked to see just how amazing it was. He looked back at the mirror while he began to play with it and make it bounce. “I don’t know why Ashley would hide this behind wearing sweatpants all the time. Well there’s a new sheriff in town, which means I have some shopping to do before school tomorrow.” The next day, Zack turned some heads by wearing the tightest yoga pants he could find which outlined and showed off his new asset. He even made a couple of the former girls sport some noticeable bulges in their pants, especially Ashley herself.


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