Be the best you can be

I never believed in hypnotic suggestion, when my girlfriend got me this tape, she said “This will change your life, It will make you focus your energy on being the best you can be. I used it before, and it really helped me”. I was thinking “what a load of crap”, but since I love her, I decided to humor her and try it.

That night, I took my old tape recorder took all the dust off. Put my headphones on, pressed play and fell asleep. The tape started playing “You are a confident woman. You will be the best you can be. You will reach the top. You will do anything to reach the top, to get what you want.” Emily didn’t know this was a tape meant for women only. And I was in trance, I didn’t care anymore.

It kept repeating the same over and over. It must have been 3 in the morning, I felt arroused, I dragged my hand to where my penis should’ve been, there was nothing there, I started fingering my self, I started to mona, It felt great! I felt something was wrong, but didn’t know what. The tape started doing a count down. When It reached 0, I woke up. I felt refreshed, new, like the world was nothing, I can do anything and everything, I can’t believe my bestie Emily gave me this tape. I must thank her. I know I must do anything to succeed at work, even if it means sleeping with anyone man or woman above me. “Me, Jennifer, I am a confident woman that can do anything and everyone to get what I want”.


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