Working out is going to be fun

it was a Saturday in the morning at 7, my parents left for a business trip in Oregon because their travelers and since I’m 17 I can’t technically travel with them. Only if I was 18 I would have been able to travel with them because they travel to the fun states with cool things. The worst of all my older sister who was now in charge, I hate her decisions sometimes because she makes m do all the chores and when I do it’s supposed to occupy me enough for her friends to come over. Even worse, i have to clean up after them, all I wanted to get back at her because today was Saturday and I was planning on starting a membership. Just as I touched the doorknob my sister arms folded and eye brow asked me a question.
“Where do you think your going.” She said
“To the gym?” I reply

My sister told me that I had some chores to do but this time I stood up my ground.
“Why don’t you do them.” I sasses back at her
“Excuse me?” She said
“I’m in charge and you do as I tell you to do.” She said with a smirk creeping towards me.”
I wanted to punch her but when I turned around I slipped and we both crashed into each other, or so i thought. I sit up with my hand on my head rubbing it feeling that my head hurts. I open my eyes and I look at the door, I was facing the door and I couldn’t see myself. I thought to myself wasn’t my sister here, I put my hand on my hair and pull it back. My suspicions were coming true so I got up then ran to the only mirror I thought of. My sisters room.

I rush to her mirror when I see my sisters face and body in front of me.
“What happened.” I said scared
I look around and I see on the bed a pair of clothes with some money, I walk forward and see a ten dollar bill that seemed like it was from my wallet. It all made sense to me, my money disappearing and her refusing to go to the gym, this whole time my sister was going to the gym by herself and not have me around so I don’t embarrass her. I know my head in disbelief but now I was my sister, I decided to see what my sister also has been keeping from me so I look around, I found a phone number in her closet that I’ve never seen before.

I thought to myself I should ask herself,when I’m myself again but Tim for payback. If I could get in her body, I can also get out so when I do something to ruin her life I could leave. First though I’ve been needing to do something this whole time. I take off my clothes including my panties and bra.
“This is way better.” I said
Once I realize that I was a girl I turned around then tried not to check himself out. I turn around and I see her slim hips with her juicy ass just showing, when I turn around I see her perky tits and her softened nipples. I slowly take my right hand and press my nipple back into my boob, it tickled really bad. I press my boobs up and Bend down my head so I was in licking distance, I could only reach her boob so a gave it slim lick. I look at the time and I had 30 minutes until sign ups closed, I looked quickly and I put on her small grey sports shorts and I put on her shiny purple bra. I needed to decide whether to but myself or my sister a membership, I could decide to I head out the door and begin running. I store my money in my sports bra the sprint around the corner, my boobs were bouncing up and down and I already felt down by my ass crack and in between my boobs. I stop
And catch my breath, I stick my hands in my pants to win the sweat off and then I turned around and I saw a few people with their phones taking pictures. This was getting really weird so I sprint another block where the fitness was. I had 5 minutes left to enter my membership.

I give him my money and asked for a membership, he said what’s your name.
“Sarah talaska.” I told the guy at the counter
He wrote something on a badge then gave it to me, I take it then he said show it to him when I ever show up again. When I walk in I see a bunch girls in sports bras and short shorts, my jaw dropped and my nipple became hard because since I can be my sister I can enter the girls changing room. I place my hands on my boobs then shook them then thought of all the possible things I could do with these girls at the gym.


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