Organ Donor

Me and Amanda were getting it done. We were fucking like there was no tomorrow. But she stopped me before I entered her wet pussy..

“Honey I want to try something, I’m not gonna explain it but please just trust me.” She said confidently.

“Alright, just nothing illegal.” I said with a grin waiting on the bed.

“Ok so just drink this…” She and I drank. “Perfect, now where did we leave off?”

Without questioning the drink I then entered her, we picked up the pace until we were in the home stretch almost over the edge. But then I felt a curious sensation, it felt like I was the one being humped in to, and that there was something entering me. I looked down at my vagina, and screamed while orgasming, as I saw my girlfriend with my dick and balls attached to her body grin with delight.

“What the hell was in those drinks Amanda!”


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