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Yoga Goddess

“You should join me for yoga” my wife had said.
“Its great for your body” she said.
“It helps you to be happy with yourself” she had told me.
“There are guys in the classes sometimes” she had assured me.
“Goddess pose is a pose for guys too, don’t be afraid to try it, you’ll love the results” Read more

Last time

“This is the last time you abuse women” the kinky looking nurse infront of me said. I was completely naked. “We were hired to make you pay for all your sins Edward” she said. I wanted to talk, but all I could do is mumble, I was tied and gagged. “What is that? you want to talk? you want to complain? Look Edward, in a few minutes that won’t matter”. Read more

Surprising a friend

I loved being roommates with this awesome group of guys. We had so much fun together. We really wanted to do something exciting for Shawn’s upcoming birthday, but the three of us just couldn’t come up with anything good- that is until we stumbled upon a shop in the mall called “Spells R Us”. Read more


“Why don’t you look happy Amy?” My sister asked me. I was still mad at her, she had spiced my bath. She knew how stressed I was with work, so she convinced me to take a special relaxing bath. She gave me some scented bath salts. “Just add them in and relax” she said “all your troubles will fade away”. Read more

Click the Button

My girlfriend, Gina, was an only child. She had told me many times that she wished she had grown up with a sister to share everything with. Read more


My fiancee told me that she wanted me to be there at her Bachelorette Party. I thought being around a bunch of girls going wild for a night would be a ton of fun, especially with my fiancees permission. Read more

Not What I Expected

When my girlfriend offered for us to mess around with a threesome, I was thrilled. She told me she had it all planned out, and that the girl she found was beautiful. Read more

Changed and Sold

It was going to make Ed and I rich. While we had been working on it we had talked about how much money people would pay for a device that could transform a person, giving them a completely different body. The weight loss and plastic surgery industries would be nearly obsolete once we released this technology. We joked about what extravagant plans we had for how we would send our millions once we went public. Read more

The chocolates

My girlfriend Emily broke up with me. I entered a state of depresion for weeks. I couldn’t understand why she dumpped me. My friends were worried about me. One of my friends came to see me, he brought some chocolates with him. He said, “Tom, its going to sound insane, but a long time ago, I got these chocolates as a gift from an old friend, they are magic, everytime you eat one and make a wish, it comes true. Since I am happy and I have everything I want and need, I am giving you the chocolates. They are the last 3, make wise use of them.”; I didn’t believe him, so, I decided to wish for something simple but typical. I took the first chocolate and said “I wish I had a million dollars”. At that moment, I remembered I was given a big inheritance by my grandparents, I decided to check my online account, and it was true, I had a million dollars in the bank!. Read more