Click the Button

My girlfriend, Gina, was an only child. She had told me many times that she wished she had grown up with a sister to share everything with.

One night we were working on homework together at our apartment, when she called me over to her computer. “Look Jeremy, this window just popped up, it says that it is a link to a magic spell that will make your biggest wish come true”. “It’s just spam” I told her, trying to convince her to click the window closed. But instead she hovered over the “Accept” button, and clicked it.

In the blink of an eye, I looked down to find my masculine body replaced with a petite, and beautiful, feminine frame. As my shocked masculine mind fought this change, my memories were suddenly flooded with different memories. I remembered being in the girl scouts together with Gina. Getting her hand me down clothes. Going shopping for prom dresses together. Joining the same sorority at college. The two of us going on a double date with a cute pair of brothers.

Some part of my mind still knew that I had previously been male (and judging by the smirk on Gina’s face I figure she might have the same little bit of knowledge), but I was at peace- this was my sister, we were best friends, we did anything for each other. Including-wait-that memory was new- group sex with the brothers. They were wild and really enjoyed sharing sisters. And ….we were ok with that. I guess we really did do anything for each other.

One of the boys snapped this shot when we were going to go join them in some skinny dipping. I got a bit distracted by one of the boys and looked away, but I still think it shows off me and my hot sister really well.

But a word of warning, don’t click a button online unless you are ready for the consequences.


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