My fiancee told me that she wanted me to be there at her Bachelorette Party. I thought being around a bunch of girls going wild for a night would be a ton of fun, especially with my fiancees permission.

But little did I know that her best friend was a witch. And that they had found out about the transgender porn I looked at online. They even found the stories I had written about being transformed into a woman. So, they wanted to grant my fantasies for a night.

Things got really wild. The alcohol kept flowing and we were all acting crazy. But then some guys showed up. And wait, why did I have such a strong urge to give head. I looked at my fiancee, and she smiled and nodded. So I went ahead. It was amazing. As he sent cum into my mouth and all over my chest, my fiancee gave me 2 thumbs up.

Well…it turns out that contact with semen makes the spell permanent, and making it permanent shifted reality so that only her best friend who cast the spell, and myself knew of the changes. To my (ex)fiancee I was one of her friends; and as my new memories flooded in, it turned out I was the wild one of the group.

Am I sad that I lost my former life? Not really. I love being a single, gorgeous, wild woman. And perhaps some day I’ll be having a bachelorette party to invite my former fiancee too


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