Right after all

“How do you dare being that brutal to me young man! Do you realize that I gave everything to raise you?! I could have finished college, but no, I wanted to keep you and raise you!”: Jason’s mom shouted to him.
Being disrespectful as always Jason answered: “You can’t say it’s my fault. You should have kept your legs closed. I guess you were probably just a big slut!”
His mom turned red with anger. “I wish you knew how hard it was to be pregnant and to make enough money at the same time!” After those words a big beam of light came over Jason.
When he woke up he couldn’t believe what he saw, and felt. A cold breeze touched his new, pregnant big breasts and his new wet pussy.
“Wait, what?? I am a woman?” He thought. Then he realized, apparently he went back through time and possessed his mother’s body. He tried to move, but couldn’t. Then he suddenly noticed a bunch of man standing around him, naked. Having no control of his new body, he saw how he crowled to the closest of them and started sucking his big cock. He seemed to be a passenger in his mom’s body.
At least he had been right, his mom had been a big, big slut…


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