Picnic Fun With Zappie Part 3

Billie returned from the gym, muscles bulging, from his workout and was looking for a little action. I gave him a quick smirk and slammed the bedroom door.

“Sorry, I’ve got a headache!”

I was always horny when I got home from the gym and Billie had used that very line on me! I couldn’t help giggling at his first opportunity to experience ‘blue balls’. Later that night I felt Billie climb into our bed and I pretended to be asleep.

Once I heard his rhythmic breathing I slipped out of bed and tiptoed to where I’d hidden the medallion. I stripped and returned to bed snuggling up to Billie’s naked back. As soon as the medallion touched him I felt a tingle and knew the magic was working.

In thirty minutes it was over. I once again had a cock! Billie was still sleeping, and as I gazed down at her I thought she looked like an angle. I tossed the medallion into the corner and feeling a little devilish, I moved over her putting my cock against her freshly shorn pussy lips.

Billie’s first clue that she was once again female was my slow, hard, deep, penetrating thrust.

Billie lifted her head, “Fuck! OOoohhhh!”

“So you like to play games?” I whispered, “I love games!”


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