Travel broadens the mind. Adventures in Japan.

When Philip went to Japan as part of a cultural exchange program he never thought he would become a permanent resident but after a couple too many Sakis he passed out in the back of a taxi on his way back to his hotel.

He was sold to an underground scientific research program by the driver who had a hatred & a problem with loud obnoxious American tourists.

So when Philip woke up the next day with a stinking hangover he was shocked to find himself strapped to a cold metal table in a woman’s body and a silver bikini but he thought he must be still dreaming even though everything felt so real.

But it was no dream and he had to use all his willpower to keep himself calm when a Japanese scientist entered the room and started talking to him in what was broken English.

The scientist went on to explain to Philip that he was now in the body of a go-go dancer and a fun time girl and was the property of Mrs yakkersarmy and there was no escaping his fate.

So now he was learning more than he ever thought he would on his cultural exchange dancing & entertaining business men in one of the biggest dive bars in Japan with no idea that his body was now back in America and a sleeper agent for the Japanese as he try to make enough money to keep his boss’s happy.


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