Costume Gun Cousin

Well my cousin Ashley (18) finally arrived today, I told my parents that I was spending the week up at marks cottage a while back so I wasn’t going to be home well she was here. When I snuke home that night she was fast a sleep in my bed, i pulled out the gun and shot here.

Slowly i pulled on her gorges legs up to her butt and over i felt my dick melt into her pussy. I continued on by putting my arms into her nice smooth one, then i felt the weight of her beautiful D cup breast swaying on my chest and finally I pulled on the face. once done i walked over to the mirror and started to take photos of me getting dressed in her body.

During the weekend my family had no clue that Ashley was not her that it was there son in her body pretending to be her. We went to the pool, shopping and out for dinner and they did not suspect a thing.

well the week is over time for me to put my cousin back to normal so she can go home and think everything she did was her but in reality it was me


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