Happy with each other

Sam, Frank and Matt were three young lads in the same situation.

They found themselves in female bodies after the great shift and like a lot of young men finding themselves now young sexually active women wanted to explore their new gender.

And like a lot of young men now young women did not take protection seriously as the concept of getting pregnant was still new to them.

And like a lot of young men finding themselves young women they had a lot of sex which inevitably ended up with them getting themselves pregnant.

So they were sent off to re educational centres so they could learn what their lives now had in store for them as pregnant women and single mothers.

They quickly learn that apart from mood swings sore breasts and big bellies they would get extremely horny and with no young men around to satisfy their sexual needs they found solace in each other’s arms and quickly discovered you did not need a dick to make a woman happy.


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