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Girl In The Relationship

When Jack was in his relationship with Rachel, people had always said that he was more of the “girl in the relationship” even though he was a guy. After he got hit with the magical lightning bolt, though, he was a girl in more than just his relationship. He got a new job, got a new life, and got some new friends. After one of the guys at his new job asked him out, Jack realized he was still straight, even as a girl. He called Rachel to get her to help prepare him for his first date as a girl. Now, he would be the girl in a new relationship, both literally and physically.

Grimace To Smile

At first, when Jack was transferred into a girl getting railed, the feeling of the giant cock inside of him hurt, causing him to grimace, but after about five seconds, he had already switched over to pure bliss, forgetting that he was supposed to be a male.

Weird Neighbors

When the MILF moved in next door, no one was suspicious of anything. We all thought she was just some woman living on her own. So when she invited me over for breakfast one day, I didn’t think anything of it. She had breakfast already made, but for some reason had it in her bedroom. I ate my food, and it was fine, but then she started to take her clothes off, and, being a teenage boy, I watched. She laid on the bed seductively after taking all her clothes off. ” I bet you wanna give this body a try.” As soon as she said that, I took my clothes off and rushed over to the bed. She suddenly flipped over and put me on the bottom. She then forced a pill into me which made me unconscious. When I woke up, everything felt funny. I looked in a mirror and saw her. I realized suddenly that I had become her. A strange man walked in and said “How do you like your try?” I was so horny for some reason, but weirdly, I wanted cock. I said, “why don’t you come over here and give me a test drive?” He walked over and put me on the couch in the room, and started thrusting his dick into my pussy. “Ohhhh…” I had never felt anything so wonderful. It was like the greatest feeling ever. ” oh, and now that you’re a Magic MILF, because I chose to give you the curse, you’re immortal and can change how you look.” I didn’t care at that moment, and simply continued to feel his penis enter me and exit. When I reached climax, I yelled so loud. I then suggested we call a couple of my friends over for a good time. he said he’d already called some men he knew to come and help me transition better. I couldn’t wait.

He Did This To Me

Bill was angry. He looked in the mirror in his room and thought about what had happened. His roommate had changed him into a girl, a copy of his roommate’s ex-girlfriend. Read more


Jack was confused as to how he got here, not realizing that the Great Shift had just hit his town, causing him to switch bodies with his next door neighbor while she was having sex with her boyfriend. As he started to become aware of his surroundings, he began to wonder what that sensation was in his lower body, and as he turned around, he came to a realization, not just that he was a woman, but also that women really did feel better during sex, despite what some other might say. He decided to let it happen, and after getting cummed into, I’ll explan.

Deep Tissue

Jack walked into the massage parlor. He had been feeling rather stressed lately, and felt a massage would help him. The lady noticed him when he walked in. “You’re Jack, here for the deep tissue massage?” She asked. Jack nodded. “Great!” She said “Walk down the hallway, 2nd door to the left.” Jack thanked her and walked to the room she pointed out. When he walked in and shut the door, he suddenly heard it lock behind him “Wait! No! I have to be able to get out!” Jack shouted “Let me out!” A voice came out of the intercom. “Don’t worry sir. This is perfectly normal. The masseuse will be in with you shortly. Just undress and prepare for the massage.” Jack calmed down, thinking this happened during every massage. He took off all of his clothes and draped a towel over his butt after lying down on the bed. He thought it was odd that it was a bed and not a massage bench, but lied down anyway. As soon as he did this, he heard a hissing noise coming from the vents, and when he looked over, Jack saw a pink gas starting to fill the room. He wanted to run over to the door, but before he could do anything, he fell asleep. When he woke up, everything felt different. He looked into the mirror and saw a new face look back at him. His reflection was of a woman, and a hot one at that. She looked almost like she could’ve been a stripper, with the combination of her slightly slutty looking face and her fairly large boobs. Jack heard the door start to open, and quickly ran over to the bed and watched the door, as a young man, probably in his twenties, walked in. “So you’re todays client, huh? You must be pretty confused, but don’t worry, I’ll make sure you feel welcomed. Apparently your new name is Jacqui, which is pretty.” The man walked over to the bed after making sure the door was locked. Jacqui tried to run as soon as the man got close to him. Jacqui ran around the room for a while, and the man could not catch her, but eventually he caught her. He was surprisingly strong. He picked up Jacqui, despite her best protests, and carried her to the bed. He forcefully put her chest down on the bed and chained her to it tightly. She could barely move in her restraints. She saw him take off his shirt, then pants, then underwear, until she saw his incredible cock. It was so huge, she couldn’t believe it. Jacqui started to realize “He’s not going to stick that into me, is he? That must be like 10 inches length and like 4 inches around!” The man held Jacqui down and took off the restraints. Jacqui tried to run, but as soon as she tried to, he started pumping his giant dick into her pussy. She felt too weak from the pleasure to run. All she could think about was the feeling, and when she orgasmed, it was the greatest thing shed ever experienced. The man took advantage of her weakness and gave her a stripper’s clothes and said “Your stripper name is Jacqueline Jugs. We programmed pole dancing into your system when we changed you. We have paying clients out there, so go out and do great, he said as he pushed her into a stage with three girls already dancing. She grabbed onto the pole and prepared for her new job.

Something In The Soup

As I sat down for dinner, just me and my sister, I looked down at the table. The soup looked the weirdest to me. My sister told me it was a new mix she found today at the store. Not wanting to be rude, I tried it and it turned out to be delicious. I ate the whole bowl, but immediately felt a sharp pain in my side, and couldn’t move except for my mouth. “Owwwwwww!” I shouted. “Oh good, it’s starting to work.” My sister said. “You see, Jack, I’ve gotten tired of only having a brother. No one to talk to about guys, or clothes. So I decided to change that. That ‘soup’ you had was actually a genderbending potion. It was quite cheap, too. I still have extras. Because you liked it so much and ate a whole bowl, the changes should be pretty dramatic. I would describe them to you, but you will be able to see and feel for yourself.” She walked out of the room, after placing a small mirror in front of my face, so I could see it. I watched as my clothes disappeared, and I was left sitting naked. I started to feel heavier when all of my muscles turned into fat, and started to sag. Then, I had to blow the hair out of my face as I saw it change from black and short to brown and down past my shoulders. Then, I saw my facial structure rearrange itself to become more feminine, and a small amount of makeup was applied. I felt my legs and arms becoming shorter and slimmer and more feminine, forcing the fat to the torso, making me look like a four sticks pushed into a ball. Then, my hands and feet became smaller and more dainty, as my neck shortened as well. Then, I felt the really dramatic changes happening. All of the fat pushed into my torso redistributed into either my upper chest, forming nicely sized boobs, or my hips and thighs, giving me a round ass. Last, I felt extreme pleasure as my dick got sucked into my body and what I could only assume was a pussy formed. I finally was able to move, and I stood up. My sister walked in. “Nice! The changes look great. Let me measure you… 5 foot 4! 6 inches shorter! Wow! I’m gonna go buy clothes for you. I’m also staying at Amy’s house tonight, to give you some time to get used to it. See ya in the morning!” After she left, I looked around for something to do. I wanted to masturbate with my new equipment, so I went to the bathroom and did that for a while. I realized, though, that it wasn’t like the real thing. I quickly took a picture and sent it to three of my friends, saying “My sister transformed me with some weird magic. I’m bored now. Wanna come over and give me a good first time?”

First Time

As soon as I woke up, I knew something was wrong. My room looked different and my body felt different. When I looked over to the left, instead of seeing my wife, I saw my friend Tony. “Aaaah!!” I shouted. Tony woke up ” Is something wrong honey?” “Shit” I thought “I must be in Amanda’s, Tony’s wife’s, body.” I got out of bed, knowing I’d have to pretend to be her, cause he’d just think I’m crazy if I told him. “N-nothing baby. J-just had a bad dream. That’s all.” I looked down and realized I was only wearing a bra and underwear. “Fuck! I’d have to figure out clothes soon!” I thought. “I know what I can do to calm you down” said Tony as he got out of bed and took off his underwear, leaving him completely naked. “Oh shit! He must want me to-but I’m a guy-but I can’t let him find out it’s not her!” I thought. I tried to deny to myself that I was incredibly turned on by Tony, but I couldn’t deny the wetness developing in what I knew was my new pussy. I let Tony guide me back to the bed and take off my clothes as I prepared myself. “Well, at least the first time is supposed to be the best.” I thought.

Do Something You Love

I was sitting in my room, doing nothing, when suddenly my sister walked in. “Bradley, I’m sorry, but I have to do this.” She pointed a weird gun at me, and fired a pink ray at me. I felt my body start to tingle. Suddenly, all of my clothes disappeared, leaving me sitting there naked in front of my sister. Then, my feet and hands became much smaller, making them look very awkward on my large legs and arms. Next, my legs lost all of their hair, and became much shorter and thinner. My arms did the same. Then all of my chest hair disappeared with it, leaving me hairless except on my head. I felt myself get shorter, as my desk seemed higher up. I quickly stood against a wall and noticed I’d shrunk from 6’3” all the way down to 5’5”, a whole ten inches! Then, my hair started to block my vision, and I brushed it away, so it tied itself up in the back. I felt a stinging in my ears as my ears became magically pierced and earrings appeared. I saw in the mirror nearby as my face restructured itself, making my lips fuller, and my entire face much more feminine. Makeup was magically applied, somehow. My waist thinned by a lot, while my thighs, ass, and hips widened by a ton, giving me a large ass in proportion to my body. I was really shocked when my dick fell off and turned into a dildo, as a vagina formed. At least I didn’t have any pubes, as those disappeared before. Finally, large 32D breasts appeared on my chest.
As soon as I was finished transforming, my sister picked up the dildo that was on the floor and pinned me down to the bed. She then started to thrust the dildo up my pussy, and I tried to fight back, but it simply felt too good to make it stop. It was the best feeling ever, but I knew it was wrong. When she knew I was about to orgasm, she leaned over and whispered in my ear. “When you orgasm it’s permanent.” My eyes went wide, but quickly shut when I reached climax, and I started to moan loudly. As she pulled the dildo out, I noticed the room had changed from my old bland room to a girl’s room. I also saw that a black dress had appeared on me, that for some reason I loved.
Through this whole thing, I didn’t notice my sister’s boyfriend walk in and lock the door. She explained to me that he would only have sex with her if their first time was a threesome. Unable to get any friends to do it, she turned me into the other girl. I figured it was such a shame that I would be taking off this nice black dress after only wearing it for a little, but I figured I could just wear it and go out for a night on the town tonight, and maybe find a couple of guys to have a nice time with. What I didn’t know was that my sister was one step ahead of me, and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find a good job without an ID, set me up for a job as a prostitute. Well, they do say to do something you love for your job.

Paying It Back

Ivan was the type of guy who owed too much money to the wrong people. He had dodged paying his debts for a while, but eventually it caught up to him. One night, when he was walking home from the movies, someone tapped him on the shoulders. When he turned around, though, someone hit him on the head and he blacked out. When he woke up, everything felt different, somehow, he was in a bed, and his vision was blurry. He tried to open up his mouth to say something, but found he couldn’t, someone had taped it shut! He tried to move his legs and hands to get away from wherever he was, but his hands were tied together behind his back, and his legs were tied to bedposts! His vision returned to him, and he suddenly felt a strange weight on his chest. As he looked up, he noticed two prominent breasts! Someone walked into the room and explained his situation “Ivan, because you couldn’t pay off your debts, you will repay them…in a special way. Our customers will have freedom to do whatever they want to you, and based on your debts it will take… 2,536 customers to work off your debts! Wow! You bit off more than you could chew.” the man turned to the door and yelled “Mr. Richardson, come on in! She’s ready for you!” turning back to Ivan, he said “Remember, only 2,535 after this one.” When that man left and another walked in, Ivan thought he was safe…but knew otherwise when he heard the sound of pants being unzipped.