Something In The Soup

As I sat down for dinner, just me and my sister, I looked down at the table. The soup looked the weirdest to me. My sister told me it was a new mix she found today at the store. Not wanting to be rude, I tried it and it turned out to be delicious. I ate the whole bowl, but immediately felt a sharp pain in my side, and couldn’t move except for my mouth. “Owwwwwww!” I shouted. “Oh good, it’s starting to work.” My sister said. “You see, Jack, I’ve gotten tired of only having a brother. No one to talk to about guys, or clothes. So I decided to change that. That ‘soup’ you had was actually a genderbending potion. It was quite cheap, too. I still have extras. Because you liked it so much and ate a whole bowl, the changes should be pretty dramatic. I would describe them to you, but you will be able to see and feel for yourself.” She walked out of the room, after placing a small mirror in front of my face, so I could see it. I watched as my clothes disappeared, and I was left sitting naked. I started to feel heavier when all of my muscles turned into fat, and started to sag. Then, I had to blow the hair out of my face as I saw it change from black and short to brown and down past my shoulders. Then, I saw my facial structure rearrange itself to become more feminine, and a small amount of makeup was applied. I felt my legs and arms becoming shorter and slimmer and more feminine, forcing the fat to the torso, making me look like a four sticks pushed into a ball. Then, my hands and feet became smaller and more dainty, as my neck shortened as well. Then, I felt the really dramatic changes happening. All of the fat pushed into my torso redistributed into either my upper chest, forming nicely sized boobs, or my hips and thighs, giving me a round ass. Last, I felt extreme pleasure as my dick got sucked into my body and what I could only assume was a pussy formed. I finally was able to move, and I stood up. My sister walked in. “Nice! The changes look great. Let me measure you… 5 foot 4! 6 inches shorter! Wow! I’m gonna go buy clothes for you. I’m also staying at Amy’s house tonight, to give you some time to get used to it. See ya in the morning!” After she left, I looked around for something to do. I wanted to masturbate with my new equipment, so I went to the bathroom and did that for a while. I realized, though, that it wasn’t like the real thing. I quickly took a picture and sent it to three of my friends, saying “My sister transformed me with some weird magic. I’m bored now. Wanna come over and give me a good first time?”


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