Weird Neighbors

When the MILF moved in next door, no one was suspicious of anything. We all thought she was just some woman living on her own. So when she invited me over for breakfast one day, I didn’t think anything of it. She had breakfast already made, but for some reason had it in her bedroom. I ate my food, and it was fine, but then she started to take her clothes off, and, being a teenage boy, I watched. She laid on the bed seductively after taking all her clothes off. ” I bet you wanna give this body a try.” As soon as she said that, I took my clothes off and rushed over to the bed. She suddenly flipped over and put me on the bottom. She then forced a pill into me which made me unconscious. When I woke up, everything felt funny. I looked in a mirror and saw her. I realized suddenly that I had become her. A strange man walked in and said “How do you like your try?” I was so horny for some reason, but weirdly, I wanted cock. I said, “why don’t you come over here and give me a test drive?” He walked over and put me on the couch in the room, and started thrusting his dick into my pussy. “Ohhhh…” I had never felt anything so wonderful. It was like the greatest feeling ever. ” oh, and now that you’re a Magic MILF, because I chose to give you the curse, you’re immortal and can change how you look.” I didn’t care at that moment, and simply continued to feel his penis enter me and exit. When I reached climax, I yelled so loud. I then suggested we call a couple of my friends over for a good time. he said he’d already called some men he knew to come and help me transition better. I couldn’t wait.


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