First Time

As soon as I woke up, I knew something was wrong. My room looked different and my body felt different. When I looked over to the left, instead of seeing my wife, I saw my friend Tony. “Aaaah!!” I shouted. Tony woke up ” Is something wrong honey?” “Shit” I thought “I must be in Amanda’s, Tony’s wife’s, body.” I got out of bed, knowing I’d have to pretend to be her, cause he’d just think I’m crazy if I told him. “N-nothing baby. J-just had a bad dream. That’s all.” I looked down and realized I was only wearing a bra and underwear. “Fuck! I’d have to figure out clothes soon!” I thought. “I know what I can do to calm you down” said Tony as he got out of bed and took off his underwear, leaving him completely naked. “Oh shit! He must want me to-but I’m a guy-but I can’t let him find out it’s not her!” I thought. I tried to deny to myself that I was incredibly turned on by Tony, but I couldn’t deny the wetness developing in what I knew was my new pussy. I let Tony guide me back to the bed and take off my clothes as I prepared myself. “Well, at least the first time is supposed to be the best.” I thought.


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