Paying It Back

Ivan was the type of guy who owed too much money to the wrong people. He had dodged paying his debts for a while, but eventually it caught up to him. One night, when he was walking home from the movies, someone tapped him on the shoulders. When he turned around, though, someone hit him on the head and he blacked out. When he woke up, everything felt different, somehow, he was in a bed, and his vision was blurry. He tried to open up his mouth to say something, but found he couldn’t, someone had taped it shut! He tried to move his legs and hands to get away from wherever he was, but his hands were tied together behind his back, and his legs were tied to bedposts! His vision returned to him, and he suddenly felt a strange weight on his chest. As he looked up, he noticed two prominent breasts! Someone walked into the room and explained his situation “Ivan, because you couldn’t pay off your debts, you will repay them…in a special way. Our customers will have freedom to do whatever they want to you, and based on your debts it will take… 2,536 customers to work off your debts! Wow! You bit off more than you could chew.” the man turned to the door and yelled “Mr. Richardson, come on in! She’s ready for you!” turning back to Ivan, he said “Remember, only 2,535 after this one.” When that man left and another walked in, Ivan thought he was safe…but knew otherwise when he heard the sound of pants being unzipped.


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