Do Something You Love

I was sitting in my room, doing nothing, when suddenly my sister walked in. “Bradley, I’m sorry, but I have to do this.” She pointed a weird gun at me, and fired a pink ray at me. I felt my body start to tingle. Suddenly, all of my clothes disappeared, leaving me sitting there naked in front of my sister. Then, my feet and hands became much smaller, making them look very awkward on my large legs and arms. Next, my legs lost all of their hair, and became much shorter and thinner. My arms did the same. Then all of my chest hair disappeared with it, leaving me hairless except on my head. I felt myself get shorter, as my desk seemed higher up. I quickly stood against a wall and noticed I’d shrunk from 6’3” all the way down to 5’5”, a whole ten inches! Then, my hair started to block my vision, and I brushed it away, so it tied itself up in the back. I felt a stinging in my ears as my ears became magically pierced and earrings appeared. I saw in the mirror nearby as my face restructured itself, making my lips fuller, and my entire face much more feminine. Makeup was magically applied, somehow. My waist thinned by a lot, while my thighs, ass, and hips widened by a ton, giving me a large ass in proportion to my body. I was really shocked when my dick fell off and turned into a dildo, as a vagina formed. At least I didn’t have any pubes, as those disappeared before. Finally, large 32D breasts appeared on my chest.
As soon as I was finished transforming, my sister picked up the dildo that was on the floor and pinned me down to the bed. She then started to thrust the dildo up my pussy, and I tried to fight back, but it simply felt too good to make it stop. It was the best feeling ever, but I knew it was wrong. When she knew I was about to orgasm, she leaned over and whispered in my ear. “When you orgasm it’s permanent.” My eyes went wide, but quickly shut when I reached climax, and I started to moan loudly. As she pulled the dildo out, I noticed the room had changed from my old bland room to a girl’s room. I also saw that a black dress had appeared on me, that for some reason I loved.
Through this whole thing, I didn’t notice my sister’s boyfriend walk in and lock the door. She explained to me that he would only have sex with her if their first time was a threesome. Unable to get any friends to do it, she turned me into the other girl. I figured it was such a shame that I would be taking off this nice black dress after only wearing it for a little, but I figured I could just wear it and go out for a night on the town tonight, and maybe find a couple of guys to have a nice time with. What I didn’t know was that my sister was one step ahead of me, and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to find a good job without an ID, set me up for a job as a prostitute. Well, they do say to do something you love for your job.


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