Real women

Marcus was always saying how much he loved girls with huge tits. watching TV one day at home with his strictly platonic (and also twig like) friend Gwen, he commented on some women in an ad. They were thin but had very large, round tits. Gwen scolded him insisting that women with big tits in real life were always kind of over weight, and that therefore the women in that ad surely had to have work done. Marcus flippantly called her jealous and that he didn’t care if a girl was over weight if she had nice tits. That was when Gwen’s eyes started to glow.

Marcus shrank into the couch as he lost seven inches in height and at the same time the rest of his body ballooned out. Having himself been a bit of bean-pole both changes were very dramatic, but more dramatic was the shape his body assumed. He had huge tits, not to mention the rest of a curvy woman’s body as well.

Then his clothes vanished. All of them, even the ones in his room though he wouldn’t know that for a little while. Gwen told him that if she was jealous she could have given herself tits like that anytime she wanted. She stormed out of Marcus apartment shouting that he was going to be stuck that way until he apologized.

Marcus was too stunned to apologize right then, and by the time he got his wits together Gwen was already gone. He got up and went to a mirror to look at himself. He couldn’t help but get aroused as he hefted his giant boobs. They felt really nice. So what if he was a little over weight? If that was the price to pay for tits like these it was well worth paying. He watched as he started to touch himself in the mirror and gasped. This wasn’t much of a punishment.

Gwen drove home mad, but satisfied. Marcus has wanted big tits and now he had them, along with the rest of a woman’s bits. She wondered how long he would last. His body would put on ten pounds every time he masturbated. She smirked and guessed he’d weigh 300 pounds before he called her.

She was wrong, it ended up being closer to 500. He begged not to get turned back into a man so now Gwen has a chubby friend named Mary to hang out with.


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