Tables Turned

Lizzie’s pimp, Byron, told her to mingle at the party and suck as many cocks as possible. Imagine his shock when the Great Shift hit, and swapped their bodies. Lizzie kept a straight face, and pretended to be the old Bryon.

“Lizzie, mingle at the party and suck as many cocks as possible,” said Lizzie in Byron’s deep male voice, almost laughing.

Byron’s new mouth was open in shock, then he, well SHE now looked down at her new cleavage, then pushing hair out of her sexy new face. Byron then grabbed his crotch in horror.

“I have a pussy,” was all the new woman could muster, in her soft high voice.

Lizzie in Byron’s body said, “Of course you do, you’re my ho, now use dat pussy and get me so doe!”

The new Lizzie realized what SHE was in for as she closed her eyes wrapping her new lips around her first client, Jed, the well endowed hunk from downtown. She realized it was way different being a ho instead of a bro!


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