Switching Remotes

I had always wanted a submissive girlfriend. One day while browsing the confines of an old antique store, I noticed a small remote. It spoke to me immediately. I just had to have it. A man approached and said that it would make all my dreams come true. I quickly threw the money in his hand, put it in a bag and left. When I got home, I saw my girlfriend Jenna sitting on the couch. “What did you get babe?” she said. “Oh nothing.” I had almost completely forgotten about the remote. I sat down and put the bag on the table.

Later that evening, after sitting down with Jenna for a few hours, I went to get a drink from the kitchen. Just then I felt a presence behind me on the table. It was the remote. I immediately grabbed the bag and examined it. It had strange blue markings all across it. “What is that?!” Jenna said behind me. “Oh nothing, just a gift from the antique store, check it out,” and I pointed it at her half-jokingly and press a few buttons. She paused immediately. I was shocked! I wondered what had gone wrong? I quickly mashed some other buttons. All of a sudden her body began to change. Her lips became pout while her hips rounded to form a beautifully shaped ass. I panicked and began pressing more. Her boobs expanded and her face became prettier. She became slightly shorter and much slimmer, her skin slightly tanned. I looked down and began to think. I paused and looked back at her, still frozen. All my dreams had come true. “Now for the real fun”, I said. “I’m going to make you the submissive girl I always wanted you to be. You will do whatever I want, suck and fuck however I want you too. You will be always desperate for my cock. Now, tell me how much you want it,” I finished saying as I press the last of the buttons. Like that she unpaused and beg for me to fuck her. She got on her knees and sucked until I exploded. I fell asleep while she cleaned us up.

I woke in the morning, but felt unusually strange. I look up and saw myself above me. I went to move, but was tied. In my/his hand was the remote! “You should worked harder to keep this a secret… and maybe not fall asleep with it in your hand.” I looked shocked and went to speak. “Jenna?” “you can call me James now. And I don’t want to hear another word. You pushed all these buttons, except the one on the back. The body swapping button! Now relax and be the perfect girl you made me to be.” And with that James pushed the unpause button. All I remember was begging to suck my boyfriends big cock, but what wouldn’t I? I just love it when he tells me what to do. “mmmmmm! Fuck me harder baby”


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