About damn time! Tyrone thought as he heard the apartment door click open and his new pussy began to gush.

Tyrone’s roommate, Gabe, had really been down on his luck with women for a long time. Tyrone tried to cheer him up, but it never worked. One day at the mall Tyrone came across a weird shop and found a “Wishing Coin”. Thinking it was a joke, but also believing in the power of positive thinking, he bought it for Gabe.

He gave it to Gabe who looked at it with a sigh and a heavy heart and said aloud “I wish I had a girl who was into me and had all the same fetishes I had.”

The coin vanished from his hand and Tyrone became Tia. Gabe and Tia freaked out for awhile and darted back to the mall. The shop Tyrone had bought the coin from was now a frozen yogurt shop.

Gabe didn’t push, and despite being really turned on by him, Tia didn’t make any kind of move. That would be wrong, right?

The next day Gabe went to work and Tia stayed home. Or well, she’d planned to anyways. She felt compelled to go back to the mall. She bought herself all kinds of sexy clothes, even some latex stuff. Latex was just really hot, right?

She got home and put some of the latex stuff on and waited. She got turned on by herself in the mirror, but as she fantasized she was thinking about Gabe!

Latex was just the first fetish Tia would discover she now had. She’d also picked up Gabe’s fetish for bukkake, sex in public, anal, bondage, talking dirty, and many more.

The most important one though, as Gabe learned when he came home that day, was that he liked horny women who took charge. Gabe didn’t even make it out of the entry way before Tia was ontop of him.


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