Swim teams

The girl’s swim team thought that the boy’s swim team would come crawling on hands and knees within minutes of drinking the body swap potion, but after waiting for more than ten minutes, they went and investigated. They found the four boy’s that had yesterday been saying that their was no point having a girls swim team because their tits slowed them down, now enjoying the things they’d been criticizing the previous day.

The boy’s turned girls didn’t seem in the least upset about losing their muscular bodies, in fact they’d enjoy playing with their breasts so much they decided to show the girls that they learned an important lesson.

An hour later, the girl’s swim team dived into the empty swimming pool as the boy’s swim team worked on their tan in the last of the sunrays shining through the glass. The girl’s team surfaced and looked at one another, two of the girls still had cum stuck to their hair while Sally’s tits had popped out, they started laughing and splashing each other before the boy’s swim captain told them to get back to work. The girls quick started doing laps which was more difficult than usually, partly because they’d just received the fucking of a life time but also these weren’t their normal bodies.

As the girls watch their bodies do laps they felt quite happy with the arrangement that the two teams had come too. After seeing the boy’s bend, lick, swallow and have put inside their female bodies the girl realised that the only reason the boys team was better then them was because they were willing to push their bodies to the limit. So the girls struck a deal with the boys, once a week the boys swap bodies with the girls and train their female bodies for a few hours and afterwards the boy’s get to receive the pleasure of a woman’s body. The girls knew their bodies would be very sore later but it was a small price to pay if it meant they could still stick a hard dick between a pair of perfect breasts.


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