Lost Bet

Jeff gasped one last time as another orgasm washed over him as his mind gave in to his new female body.

Dan’s cock sank deep and hard into that wonderful new opening between his legs. Jeff felt so overwhelmed each time his body was taken by his roommate’s cock. He had no idea that sex as a woman would feel so incredible. Dan had bet him not more than ten minutes that he could make Jeff orgasm not once, but twice in that time. Jeff had laughed at his roommate and took his bet, but before he could react, Dan injected him with a potion. Jeff shuddered as the chemical raced through his body shifting it from male to female form. Next thing Jeff knew, Dan had them both undressed and on his back.

Jeff watched as Dan’s cock continued to fuck him. He had lost the bet. Two orgasms in less than ten minutes, it was all Jeff could do not to moan his approval. This was a bet he was beginning to like not winning. More and more and more and more…..


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