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A New Roommate

Getting a roommate to help with the rent as an out-of-shape nerd was impossible. One quick magic spell later, I’m a hot blonde with guys outside my door, dying to be my new roommate. I finally decided on this cute guy who we agreed on would pay all the rent in the apartment as long as we’d fuck at least once a day. It’s a win-win.

Becomming Your Avatar

Harry was in for a shocker, when he clicked on a link that said he could become his avatar from the social game he was playing. He had picked a busty brunette nerd chick for his avatar, and was stunned when he suddenly felt the tremendous sensitive weights he portrayed online. He looked down through his glasses, seeing what he had gained. Read more

Swapped with a Nerd Girl

Ned was swapped with the nerd girl Nancy after a lightening storm combined with Nancy’s dad’s machine swapped their bodies. Nancy was upset being a dude, but Ned seen this as an opportunity. He didn’t know when or if they could swap back, but he had to satisfy a curiosity he’s had for awhile now, about how it felt to have sex as a woman. He pleaded with Nancy to try it with him, and eventually she gave in, her own horniness pushing her to do it. Read more

Be Careful What You Wish For

Life was hard for poor Lucas. Though he kept hearing about how “nerds were cool now”, he didn’t really believe it. Sure, Lucas was tall, and thin, and his female friends said he was cute. But he didn’t believe it. Lucas read a lot of comics and played a lot of games, and he had an idea of what a man was supposed to look like. And when he looked in a mirror, he sure as hell didn’t see it. Read more

Perfect costume

Jeff was a loner, he always wanted to be at home and didn’t talk too much, That was why he was astonished when he was invited to the Halloween Costume Party of the college football team, it was an anual huge event and he even heard that those were the kind of parties where he could lose his virginityHe didn’t own any kind of costume, but luckily the invitation said that it was going to be provided. When he got there he immediately felt out of place, there where only guys from the team or hot girls in costume, no other guy like him, no one knew him there and all the girls were accompanied by at least two guysBut suddenly one of the players told him that they were expecting him and lend him a trident and some cheap plastic devil horns. Suddenly, the instant he put them on, he felt some changes not only in his body but also his clothes. He was now a blonde bombshell wearing a costume made of what you could only descibe as lingerie.They told Jeannie that she didn’t need to worry, the effects would only last 24hrs, just like the party, and that every girl there was in the same situation so she wasn’t out of placeAt least after this party everyone in the team was going to remember every inch of her, and she will certainly lose her virginity, all of them