Master PC Phone App

Typically, I hate ads on my phone. But the other day I got a text message advertising something called the Master PC phone app. I couldn’t say why I chose to pay attention to it rather than just delete it, but I did, and let me just say, “Wow! This thing is incredible.”

After getting the text, I decided to check it out. I followed the link to the app store where the app was described as “life changing.” There weren’t many reviews of it, but everyone who had reviewed it seemed pleased if a little vague on what exactly the app did. So, on a whim, I decided to download it.

When I opened the app, the opening screen said “Select Target” above an empty profile photo box. I figured that was it’s way of getting me to upload profile information, so I typed in my name. As soon as I hit enter, a picture of me dressed exactly as I was at that moment appeared in the profile picture box.

“What the …?” I asked out loud. Then a bunch of stats came up about me. Age: 28. Gender: Male. Height: 5’11”. Weight: 203 lbs. Hair Color: Brown. Sexual Orientation: Straight. Sexual Identification: Cisgender. The list went on and on. It included the strangest things. Like Penis Length and Girth (nothing exceptional there), fetishes, personality traits … the list didn’t seem to end.

I noticed that all of these stats were adjustable. I could change any of them. Out of curiosity, I changed my height stat to 6’1″ and, to my surprise, I grew.

“Holy shit!” I said, nearly dropping the phone as I realized the significance of what had just happened. Then I noticed another button had appeared beside the height stat that let me decide who would notice the changes. Clicking on the question mark next to it, I learned that I could make it so that everyone remembered me being 6’1″ or no one but myself did, or I could specify individual people who would remember while no one else would.

I decided to make it so that no one would think my height was odd unless I told them about it. This had an interesting side effect: my clothes, which had become too small when I grew, now fit me better. “I guess that makes sense,” I mused. “If everyone thinks I’ve always been 6’1″, it would stand to reason that I would have clothes that fit.”

After messing around with the app a bit more, I decided to do what any red-blooded dude would do: I made myself into a living Adonis. I grew a few more inches, added on some muscle (but I looked more like a big soccer player than a weight lifter), changed some of my facial features, increased the size of my penis … you know, the usual. In the end, I looked like myself if I had been designed by a Renaissance artist to look like a Greek God. That is to say, I still looked like me, just an ideal version of me.

There were also some not purely physical features that I could change like my attractiveness to women, my personality, and so on. I made myself more fun and outgoing as well as more intelligent, and I made it so any woman I found attractive would also find me attractive. And not just attractive: they would want nothing more than to sleep with me the more they were in my presence.

As I was wrapping up, I got a text message from my friend Kevin who wanted to meet at this German-themed bar we liked to visit sometimes. Kevin was a friend, sure, but he was needy and often annoying. He could be fun to be around, but he could also be a nuisance. We had met in college and ended up moving to the same city after graduation, so we kept in touch occasionally. The point is, and this matters for what’s about to happen, we were friends but not close friends, and Kevin was always the one who initiated our hanging out; I never sought him out. Anyway, I told him I’d be happy to meet him there. It would be interesting to look like this and not have Kevin know that anything was different than it always had been.

A couple hours later, I pulled up at the bar to find Kevin waiting for me at the front door. Before I got out of the car, however, I decided to try something with my new app. I went back to the “Select Target” screen and entered Kevin’s name. Just as before, a picture of him dressed exactly as he was at that moment showed up in the photo box. Excited about making some mischief, I changed his awareness settings to “Aware of changes made to him.” I added some text under that in a command box: “Kevin will be aware of changes made to him but will be unable to leave or do anything about it unless I allow it. He will also not raise his voice and freak out about it but will remain calm and quiet.” Now for the fun to begin.

I typed some more commands into the text box as I walked up to the front of the bar where Kevin was waiting: “Kevin can only refer to himself as a woman named Kami, short for Kamila. He will also use only incredibly feminine gestures, mannerisms, and posture.”

I looked up from my phone to see that Kevin’s posture had changed. No longer was he standing by the door with his legs spread to shoulders’ width and his arms crossed over his chest. Now his feet were pressed together and one hand rested gently on his hip while the other lay on his thigh. He didn’t seem to notice.

“Hey, how are you doing?” I asked him as he attempted to hold out his hand for a handshake but instead just dangled it in the air with the back of his hand facing up. Deciding to go with it, I gently grasped his fingers just as I would a woman’s hand at a formal party. He did seem confused about why he wasn’t shaking my hand like a man, but he let it slide.

“Um, fine, I think.” He said, a frown of confusion on his face.

“Alright, well let’s go ask for a seat,” I said, trying to take his mind off of it. I didn’t him getting too suspicious yet.

As we reached the hostess’s podium, Kevin said, “A table for two please.”
“Name?” the hostess asked.
“Kami,” he said before slapping his hand over his mouth. “I mean, Kamila. No, um, I mean Kami.” He looked at me in shock. I just smiled at him. The waitress looked cross but didn’t say anything.
“It’ll be about five minutes,” she said.

We moved over to the waiting area and sat down.
“Dude,” Kevin said. “Why can’t I say my name?”
“You just did a second ago,” I said, acting as though his name being Kami was totally normal.
“No, I said my name was Kami, but that’s not my name. My name is Kami.” Again, the hands flew to his mouth in shock that his mouth would betray him.
“What are you talking about?” I said. “Of course that’s your name. You said it yourself.”

“One second, I need to check on something,” I said as I pulled out my phone. I went to the hair options and gave Kevin red pigtails that hung midway down his shoulder blades and gave him the compulsion to play with them often. I looked up to see him stroking one of his pigtails. It took him a minute before he realized anything was wrong with that.

“What’s going on?” he asked. “Where did this hair come from?”
“Why are you acting so strange tonight?” I said. “You’ve always had hair like that. Remember in college how all the girls were jealous of it?”

Before he could reply, the hostess said, “Kami, table for two,” and off we were, following her as she led us to our table.

“So, what have you been up to since we last hung out?” I asked Kevin, temporarily distracting him from the strangeness he was experiencing. I didn’t pay attention to his answer and instead went to work on the app making some changes to him. First, I changed his facial features into those of a beautiful woman. He didn’t seem to notice but did scratch his nose a bit. Then I removed all of his body hair and gave him soft, creamy skin. Again, it wasn’t something so obvious that he noticed, but he did scratch his arm. Next I gave him big sensitive nipples and areolae and added in a text box that any intentionally erotic touching of them would result in immediate orgasm.

Gradually, I altered his body in a bunch of minor, easy to miss ways: the length of his legs, the size of his feet, the length of his fingers and finger nails, the shape of his thighs. I was creating my perfect woman out of Kevin.

I typed that she would continue talking calmly about herself while the changes were going on and would not stop until the changes were complete.

Most of the changes so far had been subtle enough that she hadn’t noticed, but now I gave her breasts to go with her nipples … nothing enormous, just C cups. That was something she noticed. I could see it in her widening eyes even though she continued talking about herself as though nothing had happened. Then I changed her voice into one that was somehow both high pitched and sultry. Then I made her a full woman. All the while, a stunned Kevin was trapped inside an increasingly sexy Kami, and the only sign of him was the eyes.

I had made one sexy woman, and I was getting turned on by her. That’s when I noticed something shift in Kami’s mannerisms. Kevin was no longer fighting in those eyes. Instead, the only thing I saw in those eyes was lust. Of course! Any woman I find attractive would want to sleep with me. Well, I’ll let him stew there for a bit. We’re going to finish our dinner and drinks before we head back to my place. By the time we get there, Kami will be unable to think of anything but sex with me.

I made a few more changes. I gave her what I thought was a really interesting quirk: in public she would unconsciously act as sexy as possible and would constantly try to show off her body. This wasn’t a sexual thing for her, however; instead, she barely even noticed she was doing it. It was like people who play with their hair or bite their nails: she had no idea she was doing it unless someone brought it to her attention.

I changed her outfit into a little green piece and no underwear, and it didn’t take long for her to start showing herself off, pulling the sides in to show off her tits. She was still talking, and she seemed to have no idea that her tits were just hanging out there for the whole world to see. I made it so that she would never get in trouble for it but that people would notice it and react accordingly.

We finished our meal. Kami’s seat was actually wet from how aroused she was. I couldn’t wait to take her home.


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