Swap back

If you had asked me one month ago, I would have said I hated the whole thing. Let me explain, 6 months ago, my girlfriend swapped bodies with me. It was supposed to be for one day, but when she casted the spell to swap us back, she just vanished into thin air, with my body. The first weeks I pretended to be her, didn’t even tell anyone what had happened. I didn’t have to pretend I missed my missing boyfriend, since I really did miss my former body.

One day, while being drunk, I told my sister Amy what had happened. By sister, I mean my real sister, my formerself’s sister, she didn’t believe me at first, but after showing her some evidence, she had no choice but to believe me. She helped me act like a woman. She tought me all about hormones, periods, walking in heels, everything I had to know to pretend to be a woman. In a way, she stopped being my sister and became my best friend. As days passed by, I got used to being Kim. I acted girly, I even felt sexy. Don’t get me wrong, I still hated being a woman, but I had gotten used to it.

Exactly two months ago, at a party, a guy started hitting on me. It wasn’t until then that the thought of having sex as a woman had crossed my mind. He was nice and all, but the whole thing was weird. We started dating, but I was sure this relationship had no future. Until one day, one month ago, out of the blue, he kissed me on the neck. It felt wonderfull, I felt my nipples get erect. I got goosebumps. I wanted to fight it, but it just felt right. I didn’t complain when he copped a feel. I even moaned a little when he squeezed my breasts. He continued kissing. I kissed him back. He didn’t undo my bra, and I wanted more.

The next day, I asked my friend Amy for help. We went shopping for sexy lingerie. She helped me pick a sexy red teddy. She smiled, she was so happy I had accepted the new me. I didn’t hate my life anymore, I was excited about it. I still remember that night, I slowly took my robe off, revealing my sexy body. My boyfriend looked happy, I was already wet. Anyone can guess what happened next. All I can tell you is that ever since that day, I haven’t looked back. I am Kim, and I will make sure I live life at the fullest.


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