Suddenly Sexed

Gary and Brent were two nerds that never got laid and wished they could easily get laid. A shooting star was overhead when they both made the wish, and the powers that be gave them their wish, only in a way they would have never expected.

Gary was now Gina, and Brent now Brenda, and the bully Jed that teased them so much was actually fucking Brenda now while Gina grasped her massive breasts in shock, wondering what the hell just happened. Gina was shocked too, but the huge penis inside her new vagina, and her new female urges were putting her in too much bliss to care.

As Gina reached orgasm, Jed pulled out and came on Brenda’s luscious face and tits, making her orgasm as well, with the experience of being came on as a horny busty female. They both now could easily get laid with their new sexy bodies.

They high fived each other as their tits touched, and said, together, “Men are so, like, fucking hawt!”

Gary and Brent were now Gina and Brenda, two huge busted blonde women with a taste for cock, and their urges were so strong they couldn’t help but love it.


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