Stuck on a loop

I had recently bought the infamous tg remote. Although I spent quite a fortune on it, I never thought it would work. Anyways, this morning at work, I walked towards my boss’s office, “What do you want Smith?” he said with an angry voice. I didn’t say anything, I just pointed the remote at him, and pressed the big pink tg button.

I saw my boss transform in a matter of seconds into a hot readhead. She was quite hot. “I said, what do you want Smith?” she asked again. Her personality hadn’t changed. I pressed the sexy button. She started shaking her ass. “What? you want some of these?” she said with a sexy voice. “Don’t mind if I do” I said outloud after locking her office door.

I pointed the remote again at her, and pressed the “have her” button. That was my undoing. I felt myself being transfered into my boss’s body. I looked back, and my former self looked surprised, so surprised that the remote fell of his hands and broke. “Shit” I said with my boss’s sexy british accent voice. I couldn’t stop shaking my ass, I was stuck on a loop.

My former self started walking towards me, “so, you wanted a sexy boss” he said, “I always wanted a sexy assistant…” he continued. What scared me the most was the evil grinn on his face.

Thankfully, after having sex with him; which I hate to admit, I enjoyed; he was able to fix the remote. I thought he was going to turn us back, but instead he stopped the loop, and pressed the “acceptance” button. I knew who I used to be, but my new life is great, I am now the boss, and I have a sexy lover. And oh gawd, I can’t even describe how much I enjoy being a woman.


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