Stuck in the Middle with You

Terrence had drugged a girl at the party, Bianca, for him and his friends’ pleasure. Little did they know Bianca’s grandma was watching in her crystal ball. Speaking of balls, Terrence would soon find he would have no balls after being changed instantly to a cute redhead chick grasping her friends’ cocks!

Bianca’s grandma took her granddaughter out of the session, and placed the newly transformed Terrence into it, to experience that which he was going to do to her! He was in shock with his mouth open as he realized he was now a she with two hard cocks in his tiny new hands, warm and hard, and ready for action! He was grasping Andre on his right, and Karl on his left, taking the place of the girl he drugged, Bianca!

Making matters worse, he was feeling woozy like he was now drugged, and in a daze, as he didn’t know exactly what he was doing, and his body’s hormones and desires took over with no inhibition, much like he was doing with Bianca. When it was all said and done, Terrence was left sore in both holes, covered in the goo of his five buddies! Mack, Jack, and Glen joined in too, making the new chick a fucker with five guys!

Terrence looked in the mirror, and freaked, he looked like a cum covered redhead slut! Before the guys left Andre spoke, confirming the new reality of Terrence.

“So, Teresa, you were a good fuck! Aren’t you glad you have me and the other four guys as fuck buddies? This party was the best with you here! Until next time, you little redheaded whore,” said Andre smiling and laughing.

“What have I done, and what’s become of me? I’m a chick and slept with five guys, my buddies? What happened? I was supposed to be the one taking advantage of the hot girl, not the other way around! Oh my goodness,” said the new Teresa.

In walked Bianca, “So I see you reaped the benefit of my grandma! Serves you right for drugging me for sex you son of a bitch, or should I say just bitch now? Have fun being used and abused Teresa, I’m sure many guys like you were, will find you just as tasty as you did me!”

“What you can’t leave me like this,” said Teresa.

“I just did, TERESA. YOU’RE A SLUTTY, SKANKY, LITTLE WHORE, have a nice life,” said Bianca before slamming the bedroom door at the party.

Tears rolled down the new chick’s face, as she realized this was her life now, the life of a girl. She didn’t know what to do, except find a shower to wash herself up for now, and get her clothes back on and get out of the party to see what else had changed. She would later find that everyone except her and Bianca think she’s always been Teresa, and also that she was known as the sluttiest chick in town! She would also find she is pregnant, and she doesn’t know which of the five guys is the daddy!


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