Jake’s Invitation

It was just strange. There I was in my apartment watching tv on a Friday night, no place to go really but I felt just fine about it.

Then I heard someone slip something under my front door. It was an invitation! I went over and looked at it and it said,

“Mr. Jake Thompson respectfully requests the presence of Ms. Rita Allen at a small private party in apartment 5c tonight at 8. Refreshments and entertainment provided.”

Then written across the top was “Rita, I sure hope we can get to know each other better. Jake”

Boy this guy was going for it. It was pretty impressive. Too bad for him that I am not Rita. I am a guy named Bill and Jake had the wrong apartment. There was no number to call. There was nothing to do but put on my shorts and t-shirt and go up to 5c and give him the bad news.

When I got to 5c the door was ajar and I called out “Jake?” and he said “Come on in”, so I did. I headed across the living room in the direction of his voice and I hadn’t gone five steps before my balance started to shift and my body started to do all sorts of things and push out the t shirt with new breasts and my hair started to grow and I was becoming Rita.

He said, “It so great that you came right over Rita.” It turns out the party he had in mind was just the two of us and the party room was his bedroom and the entertainment he had in mind was fucking me. He got me out of the t shirt and shorts right away and then he put me down on my hands and knees on the bed and then he said “Rita, we are going to get to know each other better and better and better and better.” And each time he said the word better he would thrust it all back in to me all at once. And then I found myself pushing back against it and moaning and wanting it more than anything in the world. And then I thought, “How nice of Jake to invite me to such a great party.”


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